MetaTexis for Word - Download

Version 2.974 - 18/10/2010

Important note: Here you can download the old installation programs and manuals for Version 2. For the current version 3 go to this page: Download version 3.

The installation package includes the program files, and the online help. The manual can be downloaded separately below.
Make sure to install the correct version: The Windows version is irrelevant, only the Word version matters!
Word version Installation program File size Alternative link
Word 2000-2007 MetaTexisForWordV2.exe (zipped) ca. 10 MByte MetaTexisForWordV2.exe (zipped)

If you run Windows 95/98/ME you must install the following file before you install MetaTexis: Unicode Win98.exe (zipped)

For technical reasons, MetaTexis is not available for Microsoft Word 97.
Also for technical reasons, MetaTexis is not available for Apple/Macintosh.


The manual has exactly the same content as the online help included in the program.

Language MS Word Acrobat Reader (PDF) Online
English (18 Oct 2010) English.doc (zipped) English.pdf (zipped) English online
French (7 May 2007) Francais.doc (zipped) Francais.pdf (zipped)  
Spanish (2 June 2007) Espanol.doc (zipped) Espanol.pdf (zipped)  
(8 Jan 2007)
Portuguese.doc (zipped) Portuguese.pdf (zipped)  
(20 Nov 2006)
Russian.doc (zipped) Russian.pdf (zipped)  
(21 Oct 2005)
Polish.doc (zipped) Polish.pdf (zipped)  
Italian (27 Oct 2004) Italian.doc (zipped) Italian.pdf (zipped)  
German (incomplete!) Deutsch.doc (zipped) Deutsch.pdf (zipped)  


Installation instructions

  1. Make sure that MS Word 2000 (Service Release 1a) or MS Word XP or MS Word 2003 is installed on your computer.
  2. After these preparations you will be able to install MetaTexis by clicking on "MetaTexis_2000.exe" or "MetaTexis_XP.exe" or "MetaTexis_2003.exe" (as appropriate). Please follow the instructions given by the installation program.
  3. Start Microsoft Word.
  4. If you have purchased a license and want to enter it to activate all functions, go to the MetaTexis menu and click About MetaTexis, then click the button Enter license key.
  5. Run the self-explaining Start Assistant which is automatically displayed when you press the keys Alt-Down.
  6. Start translating!
  7. If MetaTexis does not seem to run properly, please close Microsoft Word and start it again. If MetaTexis still does not run smoothly, read the FAQ in the manual. If the FAQ does not address the error, or if you do not succeed in fixing it, please contact MetaTexis support: